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Meet Max Fisher 


Max Fisher, a rising common sense candidate for the House of Delegates, embodies the spirit of Virginia. His journey is not one of privilege or political pedigree, but rather, one of tireless dedication and hard work. His campaign is a testament to the belief that anyone, regardless of their beginnings, can rise up and make a difference.

1. **Representation of the Average Citizen:** Max Fisher's background as an underdog means he understands the struggles of the everyday citizen. This empathy would be reflected in his policies, as he’s more likely to tackle issues that affect the average person's life, such as tax cuts, affordable healthcare, and job security.


2. **Principled Conservatism:** Max stands as a beacon of common sense values, championing principles such as limited government, individual freedom, and economic liberty. He is committed to preserving these ideals and ensuring they guide policy decisions.


3. **Fresh Perspective:** Max brings a fresh perspective to the political arena. He is not beholden to the same old political ties and commitments, which means he is free to chart a new course based on what is best for his constituents.


4. **Resilience and Determination:** Max has been a longtime resident of Herndon and understands the problems in our commonwealth. ALWAYS supporting those who do not represent the establishment is a testament to his resilience and determination. These are qualities that would serve him well in the House of Delegates, where he would need to maintain a steadfast commitment to his principles in the face of political pressure.

Max was adopted at birth in Kansas City. He has been a longtime advocate for adoption over the years. During his younger years, he spent years traveling the world on various missions' trips raising money for international adoption. He also participated in a charity event walking 101 miles across Death Valley during his middle/high school years. He was recognized for various student service awards. Max first moved to Northern Virgina in 2002 He began his studies at Marymount University in Arlington studying Politics and Communications and has worked nearly 20 years in the aviation industry in the private sector. He is currently the only candidate who is an active union member and activist. He has been a homeowner in Herndon since 2015 and currently serves as Secretary on the Worldgate Condos Board of Directors in Herndon. Max is a advocate for increased public transportation. Max spends time walking/biking to get around the area. He is an active supporter of small business in the community. He often finds himself enjoying time outside hiking in the many parks and trails in the region.


Dear Neighbors,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Max Fisher, and I am running to serve as your representative in the House of Delegates for District 8 here in Virginia for 2025. I am writing to tell you about my campaign, which is centered around serving you, the people of our district, rather than party interests.


I believe in transparency and integrity, which is why I am not afraid to acknowledge the mistakes of my own party. I understand that honesty is not just a virtue, it is a necessity in public service. I am committed to being a representative who tells you the truth, even when it is difficult.


My campaign is about putting people over party. I am here to serve you, not a political agenda. My focus is on listening to your concerns, understanding the issues that matter most to you, and working tirelessly to address them.


I am dedicated to offering practical solutions, not just rhetoric. I will work diligently to bring about real change. Whether it's improving our local schools, ensuring access to affordable healthcare, or creating more job opportunities, I am committed to making a tangible difference in your lives.


I am also committed to local engagement. I want to hear from you, learn from you, and understand your concerns. I will be actively participating in community events, holding regular town hall meetings, and maintaining an active presence on social media. I am here to serve you, and that means being a part of our community.


Communication is key to understanding and problem-solving. I promise to communicate my ideas and plans clearly and effectively. I want you to know what I stand for, and I want to understand what you need from your representative.


Finally, I am committed to inclusive campaigning. I believe that everyone in our district deserves to be heard, and I will make sure to reach out to all communities, making sure that our campaign materials and events are accessible to everyone.


I am running this campaign for you, the people of District 8. I am ready to serve, to listen, and to act. I am asking for your support, for your vote, so that together, we can bring about the change our district needs. 



Max Fisher



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